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Vendor Spotlight Timothy J. Gould

Posted by Amanda South on December 25, 2018 at 8:30 PM

 This Months Vendor Spotlight interview was with - Timothy J. Gould

Timothy is one of our Venomous Vendors and we are very proud to have him highlight his collection at our shows monthly. Here is a little more about him. 




How Long have you been breeding / Collecting Reptiles?

November 21st marked 27 years keeping serpents; December will mark 22 years breeding them.


Why do you Breed / Own Reptiles?

I own/breed for pure enjoyment, observational study and scientific contributions. Supplemental income is only secondary.


What are your Current projects?

I have alot going on right now here is a small list :


Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi (Kunene Shield, a.k.a. “Coral” Cobra)

Cerastes vipera (Sahara Sand Viper [the smaller, Sinai Peninsula locality]

Chrysopelea paradisi (Paradise Tree, a.k.a. “Flying” Snake)

Dasypeltis gansi (West-African Egg-Eating Snake)

Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhal’s Spitting Cobra - succeeded breeding this very difficult-to-breed species this year!)

Heterodon kennerlyi (Mexican Hognose Snake)

Heterodon nasicus (Western Hognose Snake)

Lampropeltis getula splendida x L. g. nigrita (Desert x Mexican Black Kingsnake)

Langaha madagascariensis (Madagascar Leaf-Nosed Snake)

Leioheterodon geayi (Mad. Speckled Hognose Snake)

Leioheterodon madagascariensis (Mad. Giant Hognose Snake)

Leioheterodon modestus (Mad. Blonde/Golden Hognose Snake - succeeded breeding this very difficult-to-breed species in both 2017 and 2018!)

Madagascarophis sp. (Mad. Cat-Eyed Snake - currently have six (6) eggs of this rare species due to hatch next month!)

Naja nigricincta nigricincta (Western Barred, a.k.a. “Zebra” Spitting Cobra)

Naja pallida (Red Spitting Cobra)

Naja samarensis (Samar Spitting Cobra)

Naja siamensis (Indochinese, a.k.a. “Black & White” Spitting Cobra)

Sistrurus tergeminus tergeminus (Western Massasauga Rattlesnake)

Trimeresurus albolabris (White-Lipped Tree Viper - copulation took place on 9/8, should expect neonates in the next 1-3 months!)


...and that’s about it for now, ha.

What will you be bringing to the upcoming Pgh Reptile show? 


 I will have up to the following  (if they don’t sell before)

0.1.0 CBB’17 Naja nigricincta nigricincta

1.3.0 CBB’17 Naja siamensis

5.3.0 CBB’18 Leioheterodon modestus

0.1.0 CBB’18 Heterodon nasicus

0.0.6 CB’18 Madagascarophis sp.


What is your Favorite animal? 


My favourite animal is of course the serpent, but if You mean in my collection...Man, that’s tough, but probably ‘Eversor’, my ~16-year-old 0.1 Boiga dendrophila dendrophila (Mangrove Snake) acquired over 14 years ago. ‘Rinky & Dinky’ and ‘Goldilocks & Pax’, however, my 1.1 Hemachatus haemachatus (Rinkhal’s Spitting Cobra) and 1.1 Naja nigricincta nigricincta (Western Barred, a.k.a. “Zebra” Spitting Cobra) respectively, have the most intriguing personalities and are very smart, inquisitive and voracious eaters that keep me on my toes! Specializing in rare, unusual and misunderstood families/genera/species, though, many of my animals are enlightening and sometimes take the cake for a day’s enjoyment, such as my Dasypeltis spp. (Egg-Eating Snakes) and my recently deceased ‘Trunks’ (1.0 Acrochordus javanicus [Javan Wart Snake]), R.I.P. 5/13/2011 - 11/4/2018.


Anything else we might want to know about you?

I am a musician of 21.5 years with an intention to finally, professionally record and release an album in 2019 - on vinyl, too, which I love! I also love Nature, hiking and anything outdoorsy, and I play ice hockey almost weekly (I am a goalie). I love to read and write, I am a fancier of human genetics, genealogy, anthropology and ethnography, and I am highly inspired by Europe’s ancient religion, mythology and lore. I am a Dragon Ball Z, Skyrim and Metal Gear Solid nerd. Lastly, I hold quite the strong convictions and unconventional philosophy on Life, and I post quite provocatively about it all, so You have been forewarned if You Add me on Facebook!   https://www.facebook.com/timothy.j.gould.7?ref=br_rs" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/timothy.j.gould.7?ref=br_rs


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